A Note Re: M&G Signups

To those who have ever or will ever complete a sign up form in The Hustler Club, please take a moment to read this.

First, you should know that I do not take signups or lists lightly. A lot of time, hours even, goes into agonizing over having to cut the list because I know that those who are cut are going to feel let down and that kills me. I take everything into consideration. But at the end of the day, there are a limited amount of spots and I must find the best way to fill those spots.

There are ways you could help this process to go more smoothly...
When completing the signup form, choose the correct date. That simple thing can avoid many issues.
When noting fellow Hustlers you may be attending with, make sure you're spelling their username correctly. If I'm not able to find the username that you entered, I'm not able to even attempt to pair you up.
When noting fellow Hustlers you may be attending with, make sure they are also noting you. This round of signups was all over the place in that respect.
When noting fellow Hustlers you may be attending with, do not enter the username of someone who is not attending that date. Sometimes, if there is room, i end up adding that person in and it turns into an issue because i get accused of making a mistake.
Complete the form only once per date in which you are attending.
Don't note that you purchased your tickets through pre-sale when you did not. Remember, I have access to that information when need be.

Now, I'm not saying this so that you feel bad for me or for yourself. This should not cause any fights or drama. I'm saying this so that you know. So that you know that your happiness is important and I try to take all of the steps possible to maintain that. Please remember though, these are perks for being a member of The Hustler Club. The fee that you pay to be a member is not a fee for M&G. It is a fee that goes into the production of merch, support to the band and costs associated with running The Hustler Club. I get that sometimes you just need to scream to let out the frustration. Just know that your actions and reactions have an affect on others. At the end of the day, it's all love and… don't panic, it's nothing personal.

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