A Special Intimate Acoustic Performance at The Cowan Hustler Pre-sale

The Hustler pre-sale for the Special Intimate Acoustic performance by All Time Low at The Cowan announced today begins tomorrow, February 21st at 10am CT via the link below. You must be logged into THC in order to access the link to get to the tickets. This is the only way you will be able to see and access the pre-sale.

This is a straight up ticket pre-sale. M&G Upgrades will be offered in the coming weeks. As always M&G Upgrades will be ticketless and will require a ticket to the show.. so buy your show ticket during pre-sale.

Before the pre-sale begins: create a Sound Rink account, if you don’t already have one, and be logged into it. This will help you check out faster. For your browser, download Chrome, Firefox or Safari to better avoid issues.

As the pre-sale begins: there will be a queue in place. If ticket inventory is tied up in carts, you will be placed into a queue and given access as that inventory becomes available again.

During the pre-sale: If you experience a purchasing issue during the pre-sale, reach out directly to Sound Rink by calling (207) 358-8140 or emailing [email protected]. Please don’t curse them out on Twitter. That won’t help us solve your issue quickly. Direct is best.

To access the pre-sale:
You must be logged into The Hustler Club to access the pre-sale through this link. This link can only be accessed by clicking on it from this page. Do not copy and paste this link into your browser. You will not see pre-sale information if you do that.

Ticket prices are below. Tickets are offered first come, first serve. There will be a limit of 4 tickets per transaction. Pre-sale tickets will be available either until our inventory sells out or up until it needs to be returned to the promoter- whichever comes first. Please plan to get your tickets through this pre-sale, as long as they are still available.

4/27/2018 Nashville, TN - $33 GA / $65 P2

Up to 25 Hustlers will be awarded Meet & Greet. Meet & Greet perk spots will be delegated to 25 Hustlers who purchase their show ticket during Hustler Pre-sale only. These perks will be delegated via sign up form. Once you purchase your show ticket during the Hustler Pre-sale, you will come back here to complete the sign up form. A separate sign up news post with complete details will be added before the start of pre-sale. Hustlers only, during Hustler Pre-sale, no exceptions (okay one exception which is ONE parent/guardian). Non-members will NOT be permitted. Names of Hustlers who qualify to receive Meet & Greet ARE NO LONGER BE POSTED TO THE SITE. Those who qualify will be emailed to let them know they've qualified BEFORE M&G Upgrades go on sale.

M&G Upgrades:
M&G Upgrades will go on sale to Hustlers soon. A separate M&G Upgrade news post with complete details will be added before they go on sale.

-If it's not stated in this post, it's likely not accurate.
-Your Hustler account must be and stay active through the tour (and/or forever- click on Update Acct Info at the bottom of this page to renew).
-Once you purchase tickets, those are your tickets. You cannot exchange for a different date and names are non-transferrable. Please make sure you are purchasing for the correct date before completing your order.
-You may purchase tickets for non-members during the Hustler Pre-Sale but only members can take advantage of perks.
-Perks of Meet & Greet and Early Entry offered through The Hustler Club are for Hustlers only.

If after reading all of the above, you have an unanswered question, please email [email protected]. Please don't send your question to every email addy because it is the same person who sees each and every email. And please only with questions that have not yet been answered.

*** If you experience any difficulties during your ticket purchase, please contact Sound Rink directly. Also please avoid using IE for your browser, as it is not supported by our ticketing host.

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