As the Dirty Work Tour Approaches

We know you are all beyond anxious for the M&G and EE names to be posted and are working on getting everything together. We're excited too and had planned for everything to be up already. Please just hang tight. It's all coming soon.

For those of you who ordered the bundle- you will receive an email before your date with instructions on picking up the poster at the show. As for the CD and the booklet with alternate cover art, these items will be mailed accordingly with the release date of the Dirty Work album, the date of which has yet to be determined. Just know that you will be picking up your poster at the show and will receive info via email on that.

In the meantime, those of you who don't have them yet- make sure to grab your tickets! There are plenty of dates still available through pre-sale. Just check one of the previous pre-sale posts and click over to the ticketing page.

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