Bamboozle Roadshow Hustler Project

What’s up guys? Fellow hustler Carlie here (carliecarrcrash).

Everyone’s seen the “Lost In Stereo” video, correct? Well, that video is basically the glamour kills tour from the boys perspective. We're going to take it to the next level and make a video from our perspective. This video will serve as a thank you to ATL- they can see how hectic our trips between venues really are, and how much they bring us all together. You might be wondering how we’d go about doing this, right? Well, I want every hustler that can possibly be involved on this, to be involved. This doesn’t exclude anyone, regardless of when you’ve joined or how long you’ve been a fan. Every hustler is invited to help with this video.

For some quick facts, project guidelines... all of the full on details including how to get in touch with Carlie- go to Carlie's THC Blog! Click HERE.

Do not email The Hustler Club with questions- everything is going through Carlie on this!

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