Calling Hustlers 18 and over

We’re looking to interview 20 - 30 Hustlers. These interviews could potentially be used for the forthcoming DVD. If you are 18+, have a story to tell of how All Time Low and their music is that friend you look to to pick you up and pull you through, and want to talk about, please send an email entitled ‘Hustler Interviews’ to [email protected] with the following information included:

First Name:
Last Name:
Birth Date (month/day/year):
Hustler Username:
Email address:
Twitter Username:
Instagram Username:

Deadline to submit your email is February 3rd at 10am ET. Those chosen to be interviewed will be contacted and will need to sign a waiver.

Please do not post this information outside of The Hustler Club. We know you love to tweet your screenshots but… just don't. Look forward to talking to you guys! xx

*Please note that the email address above is not checked on a regular basis. We are currently only using it for this opportunity.

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