Dear Hustlers…

First off, it was great seeing some of you out at The Rise and Fall dates! This message is for everyone though, not just those who attended the tour and i hope everyone will log in to read this.

This week, The Hustler Club kicks off its 4th year! We're all so proud of the community that's been building since THC launched and really hope that each and every one of you is in for the long haul with us. For real. I can tell you that each time I see an account expire, it's like a piece of the family tree dies. Me, the guys, we all pay attention and want The Hustler Club to be about more than pre-sales and M&Gs. We want to be able to say, to boast, that The Hustler Club is the biggest and best community in existence (ok so we already know that you guys are the best, now let's dominate). I know I've said it before but there is definite strength in numbers. Imagine if each one of you got 1 ATL fan, just 1, to join (or renew) before the end of the year. If you guys could do that, I'd figure out a way to reward you for it. The fact is the stronger we are, the more we can do and offer. So get involved, stick around… like a fine wine, whiskey, or bourbon we're only going to get better with age ;)

Oh and in case you're wondering, i'm @dawniewalker on twitter. I'm realizing that some of you may not know me yet. @ATLHustlerClub is run by our mods but @dawniewalker is my 'admin' twitter so feel free to follow. I haven't been able to spend as much time in the forums as i like to but know that you can reach out whenever.

Alright so pretty sure I just set forth a challenge for you guys- hope you run with it. More soon on renewals and a new renewal merch package. Pretty excited about the designs we're working on.

THC Admin

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