Early Entry PSA

Apologies again for the EE Upgrade Post going up prematurely, there was a miscommunication regarding price that we have now amended. To answer a lot of questions that arose in response to the earlier post, yes, we do want to bring back Early Entry perks and then offer additional Early Entry Upgrades.. much like what we did for Meet & Greet. From day 1, The Hustler Club has been about rolling the dice (pun intended) on certain things to see how they work out. Your feedback is always heard and appreciated. With that in mind, Early Entry will work as follows:

Early Entry will be a combination of awarded perks and Early Entry Upgrades..

A limited number of Hustlers per tour date will be awarded Early Entry. These perks will be delegated via sign up form. A separate sign up news post with details on completing the sign up form will be added here as soon as the signup form is ready (i.e. later tonight or tomorrow). Perks are Hustlers only, no exceptions (okay one exception which is ONE parent/guardian). Non-members will NOT be permitted under perks. Names of Hustlers who qualify to receive Early Entry ARE NO LONGER POSTED TO THE SITE. Those who qualify will be emailed to let them know they've qualified BEFORE Early Entry Upgrades go on sale.

Early Entry Upgrades:
A limited number of Early Entry Ticketless Upgrades will be available per tour date for £20 (plus service fee) and will go on sale to Hustlers once Early Entry perks have been delegated. A separate Early Entry Upgrade news post with complete details and purchase link will be posted here before they go on sale.

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