Names are posted on the Events page for the Euro/ UK Hustler Meet & Greets. If your name is listed, you'll be receiving an email with instructions for your M&G about a week prior to your show. There are no guests, each Hustler should have signed up for their own M&G. We still have room left in these M&G's so if you haven't yet, sign up for your date. There's also still time for your friends to join and sign up too!

Dates 9/16 to 9/23- sign up HERE by 9/14.
Dates 9/25 to 10/05- sign up HERE by 9/21.

You will need to complete the sign up sheet completely and correctly. Please submit ONLY ONE form per event in which you have tickets to attend. Yes, you need to have your tickets before signing up to attend a M&G. Submitting a request without a ticket for the event will disqualifying you from attending.

Filling out this form does not guarantee a spot in the M&G. A select number of spots are available and will be filled in the order that the sign ups are received.

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