Future Hearts Tour Hustler Pre-sale Update!

Thanks to each of you who have purchased your tickets already! If you have yet to do so, make sure to jump over to the ticketing page and grab what you need. The Future Hearts Ticket + Album bundle gets you into the pre-show signing and is exclusively available here so don’t snooze on it! And make sure your friends who may not yet be members know that they can still join for immediate access to the the pre-sale!

Let’s show the guys how powerful you are and sell this thing out before we have to return any of the allotments. We’re all watching! *wink*

Meet & Greet names will be posted closer to the start of the tour. Please stop emailing and tweeting about it. Anyone who’s been a Hustler for a while will tell you that the more you ask, the more I torture you by waiting as long as possible to post the lists. Remember- No pre-sale purchase guarantees M&G. All Hustlers who purchase through pre-sale have a chance at being rewarded with it.

Couple additional notes to clarify questions that keep coming in:
1) Tickets (alone or bundled) through pre-sale can be bought for and used by non-members but only members are entitled to participate in perks- like M&G and EE. Those are the rules and we’re pretty strict about it.

2) All pre-sale purchases- be it just a ticket or a bundle- qualify you for the chance to be awarded Meet & Greet.
Meet & Greet is not sold. There is no such thing as a Meet & Greet ticket. Meet & Greet is separate from the signing and is more of a hang (no line, no table).

3) If you want to guarantee you’ll come face to face with the guys, then purchase the bundle. It’s offered at the lowest cost possible and is likely cheaper than even just a ticket you’d buy from major outlets.

4) Pre-sale tickets offered for each date on The Hustler Club ticketing system will be available either until our inventory sells out or until it needs to be returned to the promoter- whichever comes first. Please plan to get your tickets through this pre-sale, as long as they are still available.

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