Help us Celebrate Alex's Birthday!

First, make sure to wish our beloved Alexander a happy birthday! Then… Let's celebrate Alex's Birthday by breaking some records here in The Hustler Club for the most new members/ renewing members in one day. Imagine how stoked he would be to know his birthday moved so many people to take part in The Hustler Club!

And to bump it back up- our Renewal Package info... Whether you are renewing into your 2nd, 3rd or 4th Year, these are your renewal options.

For $25 (plus s/h), you're going to get all of this:
A brand new band photo shirt- this is a new, exclusive to The Hustler Club's 4th Year design, a new All Time Low poster with signatures- personalized just for you, and a new ATL Hustler wristband- all pictured below.

Choose one of the following three renewal options to receive this package, whichever is appropriate for the year you are renewing into.
The Hustler Club - Year 2 Renewal Fan Club Membership
The Hustler Club - Year 3 Renewal Fan Club Membership
The Hustler Club - Year 4 Renewal Fan Club Membership

Now many of you have been asking for ATL Hustler Sweatpants. For those, we are happy to present the following renewal option:

For $54 (plus s/h), you're going to get the three things mentioned above (shirt, poster, wristband) as well as our new and exclusive American Apparel ATL Hustler Sweatpants, in juniors sizes! Pictured below.

When renewing, choose the following option no matter what year you're renewing into in order to receive the standard renewal package plus the sweatpants:
The Hustler Club - Year 4 Renewal Fan Club Membership + Sweatpants

Want more? OK. The first 500 Hustlers to renew are going to get our first ever ATL Hustler Keychain. This keychain will only be available to the first 500 of you to renew your membership, starting today.

What, you want even more?? Jeez. Alright fine! When you receive your renewal package, go through it carefully. Over the course of the year, over a handful of membership/renewal packages will contain a Golden Ticket. These Golden Tickets will be good for various bonus items such as an RIAA Certified Gold Dear Maria Plaque (just like the one each of us have hanging up on our walls), a pair of tickets to the next ATL show nearest to you, a lifetime membership in The Hustler Club, a piece of ATL Merch, opportunity to watch from stage at the next ATL show you're attending. Yes, some lucky Hustlers are going to be getting the ultimate VIP treatment just for joining/renewing.

How to renew? Look down to the bottom of the page. Locate the "Update Account Info" link, click, log in, choose the Year 2 option, the Year 3 option, the Year 4 option or the Year 4 + Sweatpants option and get to it. While you're renewing, click on 'Edit Profile' and make sure your shipping address, size and email address is up to date- this part is VERY important! If you've renewed with the Sweatpants, make sure to Edit Profile and choose your size! We get a lot of packages returned to us for errors in shipping addys and we would like to avoid this as much as possible.

Should you have any questions along the way, please check the renewal FAQs and Size Chart located on the Contacts page of The Hustler Club first. The contacts page has been updated with new merch photos, as well as a size chart for the sweatpants. Second, jump to the forums or in the comments below (or in the original 4th year news post) to look for an answer. Third, private message me (THC admin) here. Fourth, email [email protected] .

Pictures of all renewal items are also in the banner to the right! Remember- to keep taking advantage of your Hustlers perks, you gotta stay an active Hustler- and that means renewing when your time comes. Now let's celebrate Alex!

THC Admin

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