Hey, Here’s an FAQ..

Let’s clarify a couple things..

There are 4 separate events during the Young Renegades US Tour:

1) SIGNING- Each ticket + album bundle includes access to the pre-show table signing. This is a poster signing. The poster is given to attendees at the signing. There are no pictures allowed. This is the first event that will happen during the day. If you have signing, plan on a 2PM check in. Instructions on attending will be emailed within 24 - 48 hours of the show date. Hustlers who purchased this bundle will also be receiving Early Entry.

2) HUSTLER MEET & GREET- This is a Meet & Greet where you meet and take pictures with the band. It’s a combination of awarded perks and Meet & Greet VIP Upgrades. This is a totally separate event from the signing. Hustler Meet & Greet takes place one hour before doors open. Once inside for M&G, attendees stay inside. We plan to notify everyone who qualifies for a M&G perk BEFORE VIP Upgrades go on sale.

3) EARLY ENTRY- Hustlers who have purchased the ticket + album bundle will be given Early Entry. What happens is we will go through the ticket + album purchaser lists and each purchaser that matches up to a Hustler account (I look this up in a number of ways) will be awarded Early Entry.

3) MONITOR PARTY- this will be another VIP Upgrade that we’ll offer starting Friday. Just like Monitor Parties that we’ve done in the past. There will be 6 Monitor Party Ticketless VIP Upgrades available for SELECT dates of the tour for $150 (plus service fee). Monitor Party takes place during the show. Complete details + purchase links will be posted as soon as we’re ready.

It is possible to participate in all 3 events, as none overlap.

Btwn us- there’s a lot to get done in the next couple days (have to do the M&G lists which is no quick task, notify everyone who qualifies, post VIP Upgrade info, etc) and unfortunately, I will spend most of tomorrow at a funeral so I will be offline for a while. This is not said for sympathy.. it is said because I’m asking for your cooperation in order to get done what needs to get done.. that means please calmly and completely read what is posted. I promise you that 99.9% of your questions are actually answered if you read things in a logical manner. I know you guys can do it. I’m by no means saying you can’t ask questions but the less questions I have to answer, the more I can focus on the tasks with a strict deadline. I also ask that you stop screen shotting and publicly posting our posts. The Hustler Club is private for a reason. Plus it makes me feel weird.

And remember, everything will be ok. Sometimes you need to remember to have some faith is us.. just as we have faith in you. <3 you guys.

xx thc admin


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