Hustler Families, The Long Overdue Lowdown

Please excuse the drawn out history lesson below. I feel a controversy brewing and felt this necessary to explain...

The concept of a Hustler Family was created by baileysayssummer and verolovesatl back in '08 when The Hustler Club launched. The theory behind it- to make sisters (sorry boys, we're not trying to leave you out)!

To quote verolovesatl: "It all started in the Hustler Sisters thread. Bailey made the Sister part
I came up with the families. Basically if you become good friends with someone, you add them to your family.

Somewhere along the way annimal24 was deemed the hustler mommy. Everyone put their Hustler Family in their signature. It was a fun thing… and it was about making friends and family. When we launched The new Hustler Club site, we decided to pay tribute to you all by building in a Hustler Families feature. With the respect that no Hustler would belong to more than about 5 families. Our first family on here was created by yours truly and it was that of Hustler Fairy Godmother… again in keeping with family.

What I'm getting at is that it's not about creating topics, it's not about regions, it's not about lashing out at theme parks, it's not about creating groups. We actually opted to disable the creation of groups on the site because Hustlers are… wait for it, wait for it… family! Now we're seeing a bit of controversy start over the deletion of families that were created. It seems the amass of created families was slowing down the forums and overtaking whole pages. We realize that what a Hustler Family develops into is essentially up to all of you. We ask that you bear with us, though, while we find the best way to feature these families.

For the full history, please read 'The Official Hustler Sister's Thread' found in the 'Come One, Come All' section of the forum and also the 'Hustler Families' thread found in 'The Party Scene' section of the forum.

THC Admin

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