Hustler Interviews

Hey guys.

Huge apologies to those of you who received an email saying you had been chosen to be interviewed and then did not receive a Skype call. As the original post stated, we were looking to interview 20 - 30 Hustlers and those interviews could potentially be used for the DVD. Only those chosen to be interviewed were to be contacted and asked to sign the waiver. Through your messages after the fact, we’ve come to learn that each person who emailed was contacted and asked to sign the waiver. That should have never happened and we really do apologize for all of the undue stress that this has caused anyone. I wish there was more we could say or do to make it up to you. Next time an opportunity such as this arises, we will make sure everything goes according to plan. Many of you have asked, but unfortunately, we cannot reschedule interviews.

xx thc admin

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