Hustler Meet & Greet and Early Entry Perk Email Notifications for 10 Years of Nothing Personal

Heads up- Email notifications were sent to everyone who has been awarded a Meet & Greet or Early Entry perk for the 10 Years of Nothing Personal dates! Check the email address you used on the signup form. Remember your perk only covers you. It’s one spot. If you received a Meet & Greet notification, you’ve already qualified to attend Hustler Meet & Greet - and that means Meet & Greet only. If you received an Early Entry notification, you’ve already qualified to participate in Hustler Early Entry. If you didn’t receive a notification and you choose to do so or something you’re attending with didn’t qualify for a perk, you have a chance to purchase Acoustic and Q&A Upgrades, Meet & Greet Upgrades, the Early Entry Upgrades and/or the Monitor Party Upgrades starting today (while supplies last). See the news post below for Upgrade details and purchase link.

PS. Be sure to check your junk folder too.

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