Hustler Meet Up on December 20th

To all of the Hustlers coming out for the Starland shows and will be around on the 20th..

We are planning a Hustler meet up at Starland on December 20th, which will likely take place between 2PM and 4PM. Who wants in?! We’ll have food and drinks.. and maybe some holiday goodies. This isn’t anything that involves the band. It’s a chance for us all to have fun, hang out, meet and get to know each other.

So… I created THIS FORM, where you guys can RSVP to attend this Meet Up. Complete the form ONLY if you know that you will be attending, and if you do plan to attend make sure to complete the form. We hope you do! Each Hustler coming to the meet up should complete the form for themselves. I will be pulling RSVPs on Saturday, December 9th at Noon ET so please RSVP before that.

Once we have gone through the RSVPs and have everything planned out, we will send you further details on attending.

Hope to see you! xx

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