Hustler Perk Update on Roadshow

To the Hustlers attending the Roadshow with M&G, EE, or PP. Emails have not gone out yet so please sit tight. We are working on it. There is a lot to coordinate for this tour. No need to email asking... no one has their email yet.

In the meantime, remember that to take advantage of your Hustler perks, you must remain an active Hustler- and that means renewing your membership when necessary.

To renew- Look down to the bottom of the page. See that "Update Account Info" link? That's where you're gonna want to go, choose the Year 2 option and get to it.

For renewing, you're going to get a brand new shirt- a new, exclusive to second year Hustlers design (pictured below). We're also going to send you the poster that you see down below only it's going to be personalized and autographed just for you. There's going to be a membership card too because we want you to have something more to identify yourself with at Hustler exclusive events. All this for $25 (plus s/h).

We've also designed a new shirt to replace The original Hustler Club shirt- the white one that many of you got when first joining. Check out the picture below (the blue one). We love this new shirt and we want renewing Hustlers to be able to have it too so- when you renew- you'll notice a second Year 2 product option for $35 (plus s/h). That's the one to choose if you want this shirt on top of everything else mentioned above.

If your membership happens to expire before you renew (tsk tsk), you can easily access your account at with your existing username and password.

For reference, there are Renewal Faq's posted on The Hustler Club Contacts page (along with a size chart!). Those should answer any questions you have!




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