Hustler Perks on Warped Tour

Warped starts today! You guys ready? I know you've been anxiously awaiting updates on Hustler perks so here it goes…

Go visit Vinny at All Time Low's merch booth- wearing your Hustler wristband or Hustler shirt- to get a free All Time Low poster! And before you ask- no, there is no other way. You must either have your Hustler shirt or wristband on to grab one. Vinny is going to be busy and this is how he will easily be able to identify you. Also- one per Hustler wearing their shirt or wristband, per day. If we find people abusing this, we'll have to take away the perk.

In regards to Meet & Greets- it just hasn't been possible yet to arrange Hustler only M&Gs at Warped. We've been trying to figure out how to make it possible but the fact is that there are so many factors to work around. If this changes, we will definitely keep you posted. We would like to do them just as much as you would like to see them happen.

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