Important Updates to Renewing

With the changes made to the transactional backend of our site, our renewal flow has changed.. hopefully for the better considering many of you have been having problems renewing. To renew, you still click on the renewal banner to the right. In doing this, you will now see your renewal options in the All Time Low store. It should all be as simple as that.

If your membership expires and you want to renew at a later time, you will log into All Time Low Hustlers and a page will come up that shows your renewal options. That said, there is a permissions issue (which we are trying very hard to get fixed) for Hustlers who are expired and are trying to renew. If your account expires and you have issues logging into the site to renew, email [email protected] so we can make the permissions update to account to fix it. If you know someone who is already expired and experiencing this issue, please have them email us. Until we’re given some attention from the developers, we need to fix this issue on an account by account basis.

Another issue we’re seeing is that your ‘Time To Renew’ emails have not been going out so until that is fixed, we need to DIY this shit. If you need to know something, just email us.

If you experience any issues or have any questions regarding this new flow, make sure to email [email protected] !

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