Maryland State Fairground Pre-Sale

Who's going?! The Hustler Club pre-sale for ATL at the Maryland State Fair on September 4th begins tomorrow, May 11th at 3pm EST!

To access the pre-sale:
All dates will be available through The Hustler Club Ticketing page only. You must be logged into The Hustler Club to access this link. This link can only be accessed from this or the shows page.
And the pre-sale link is...

Tickets are offered first come, first serve. The first 40 tickets purchased for this date by and for Hustlers via this presale will be awarded Meet & Greet. Meet & Greet opps are for Hustlers who purchase through pre-sale and Hustlers only. No exceptions (okay one exception which is parent/guardian). As of right now, we won't be able to offer EE since it's the fair.

-If it's not stated in this post, it's likely not accurate.
-Your Hustler account must be and stay active through the show (and/or forever- click on Update Acct Info at the bottom of this page to renew).
-Once you purchase tickets, those are your tickets. There are no refunds.
- You are able 4 tickets per transaction.
-Meet and greets offered through The Hustler Club are for Hustlers only. All details regarding meet and greets will be posted here on the news and homepage with names posted to the events sometime before the show.

If after reading all of the above, you have an unanswered question, please email [email protected] or pm THC Admin.

*** If you are having difficulty accessing the link, make sure you are allowing cookies.  If that isn't working for you try using another browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc...).  If after all of that and you still can't get in, please call 212.420.1700.

PS. The Girl's A Straight Up Hustler just came on my shuffle as I'm writing this which means you all need to go to this show ;)

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