Meet & Greet PSA

Hustlers.. Moving forward, we are making a couple changes regarding Meet & Greet.

1) You’ve asked and we’ve listened.. over the past few years, more and more of you have been asking for the ability to buy M&G. While some of you enjoy the roll of the dice to see if you’ll be awarded a M&G perk, we understand that some of you simply want to ensure that you have it. So starting with the US Young Renegades Tour, we will be making a limited number of Meet & Greet Ticketless VIP Upgrades available per tour date for $50 (plus service fee). These will go on sale to Hustlers this Friday. Complete details + purchase links will be posted as soon as we’re ready.

2) The format of our Hustler Meet & Greets will be changing. Instead of the scattered ‘hang’ that many of you are used to, we’re going to structure it a little more in order to accommodate more people. For those of you who attended the Hustler Happy Hours, it will be more along the lines of that.. where you’ll get to come up, meet the guys, and have your picture taken against a backdrop (technically called a step and repeat). For those of you who have yet to attend a Hustler M&G, this will all be new to you anyway!

We hope you guys will be psyched about these changes, as they’re for the better of the community.. and, as always, your feedback afterwards is welcome.

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