Meet & Greet Signup for All Time Low Unplugged at The Cowan

Ok, we’ve hit a bit of an issue.. Signup for Meet & Greet for the All Time Low Unplugged at The Cowan tour date was to begin today at 10AM CT, once you have purchased your pre-sale ticket to attend the show. And then it would have run through 10PM CT on Thursday, February 22nd. BUT.. the part of the webform I use to edit the content is missing so I currently cannot update the webform for us to begin signups. We’re being told that it is a platform issue and cannot be fixed in time (add that to the list of things we're waiting on to be fixed) so we may need a plan b. IF webforms get fixed, we will email everyone who has purchased a pre-sale ticket when the webform is accessible. IF webforms do not get fixed, we’ll choose M&G perks from the list of pre-sale purchasers. Either way, we’ll keep you updated. For now, focus on grabbing your ticket through pre-sale and the rest will fall into place. Ticketing link in the post below this one!

BTW, if any of you belong to other fan clubs/private communities and like the sites and how they function, feel free to comment with what they are below. Thanks!

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