Meet & Greet Signup for May AUS/NZ Dates

Meet & Greet Signup for the May AUS/NZ tour dates ONLY are now open! You will have until 5:00PM EST on May 7th to complete the signup form.

If you already have a ticket to attend the show in which you're signing up for, complete THIS signup form between now and 5:00PM EST on May 7th. There will be no guests permitted. Each Hustler must sign up for themselves. If a guardian will be escorting you, you must note that on your signup. Just please make sure to complete the form before 5:00PM EST on Sunday.

Meet & Greet Notes:
Access to M&G is exclusively for active members of The Hustler Club. Parents are the ONLY exception, should they need to escort you. Up to 30 Hustlers per date will be awarded Meet & Greet.

If you are attending the show with other members of The Hustler Club, you may note those members in the guests section of the form. This does not mean we're allowing guests, we're simply letting you let us know which Hustlers (if any) you are going with. All Hustler accounts will need to be active at the time of the show in order to participate in these perks.

Names of Hustlers who qualify to receive Meet & Greet will be posted in Events. Specifics and instructions for Meet & Greets will then be emailed 24 - 48 hours prior to each show.

A note from me:
I know there is always a war between wanting signups and wanting to be rewarded for being the first in pre-sale. We were not able to collect the data we needed to award the first in pre-sale so we are doing signups. A preference for a portion of the 30 spots will be given to pre-sale purchasers who complete the form, as long as we can verify your purchase.

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