Meet The Hustler Club Mods

Months back we asked you, The Hustler Club, to submit your nominations for The Hustler Club mods. You did just that and your choices were quite clear.

We are very happy to announce the following Hustlers as mods. Get to know them, if you haven't already. Come to love them, as the rest of us do.

noantidoteforirony (Aly)
Carliecarrcrash (Carlie)
bethsavedlatin (Beth)
annimal24 (Ann)

The Hustler Club is appointing these moderators to assist in overseeing the community boards and help in keeping them orderly! These moderators are the Hustlers who will also help to represent you and your wants. Above all they are here to help.

Our moderators are expected to work together, to be fair and unbiased. They will serve on a trial basis, to start.

PS. We do apologize for the delay in making this announcement. There was some technology that needed to be dealt with first and updates have been made along the way in the Mod Thread.

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