M&G and EE Names Posted for all MSP Tour Dates

Usernames of the Hustlers who have been awarded Early Entry or Meet & Greet have been posted to the Events section for all dates of the My Small Package Tour. The number following each username is the number of spots that person has qualified for. Make sure to click 'Read More' in order to see the full list of names. These lists are final and non-negotiable.

Emails with instructions on attending shows 11/12 through 11/17 will be sent out at the end of the day today. Please do not email asking what to do, where to go, what time to be there. This information will be sent to you.

Again- if the guest you may have signed up with did not have an ACTIVE hustler account BEFORE lists were posted, they have been removed from the list. We are checking.

Next up for lists to be posted are our EU/UK Hustlers! We will start going through your signups for the Feb/ March dates in the next couple of weeks. If there are lists which are not at capacity after sorting our initial signups, we will open them back up. Stay tuned for updates.

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