We are very happy to announce the following Hustlers as mods. Get to know them, if you haven't already. Come to love them, as the rest of us do.

noantidoteforirony (Aly)
Carliecarrcrash (Carlie)
bethsavedlatin (Beth)
annimal24 (Ann)

You've asked, we've discussed, it's time...

The Hustler Club will be appointing moderators to assist in overseeing the community boards and help in keeping them orderly!

Here's how we're going to roll with this...

Beginning now, you will have the opportunity to nominate one fellow Hustler to be a moderator. To submit your nomination, email [email protected] with an email entitled "Mod Nomination" which includes your username plus the name and username of the Hustler that you are nominating for Moderator.
Nominations will be open until March 19th at 11am EST.

Once nominations have closed, threads will be created in the message board for the top nominees- where you will have the chance to ask them questions and they will have the chance to campaign for why they should be moderator.

After the nominees have had the opportunity to campaign, the decision will be put to a final vote in the message boards. At least 2 moderators will be appointed.

Moderators are subject to the approval of THC Admin/ ATL Mgmt and will be on a trial basis to start.

More details to come along the way. For now, let's start the nominations! Do not nominate yourself. Each member of The Hustler Club will be able to submit ONE nomination. Think before you submit, these moderators will be the Hustlers who will be helping to represent you.

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