Monitor Party Ticketless Bundles Available Monday

Starting Monday, March 16th at 4:00pm local venue time, The Hustler Club will have access to purchase a very special and very limited Monitor Party Ticketless Bundle. There will be just 5 of these bundles available per Future Hearts US Spring Tour date and they will only be available via The Hustler Club Ticketing page.

To purchase this bundle, you MUST have already purchased a ticket to attend the tour date. This is a ticketless bundle, an experience, not a ticket.

What does this Monitor Party Ticketless Bundle include?
- You will get to watch ATL's set from a specially designated area with your own monitor mix.
- You will attend an intimate Meet & Greet with ATL right before they go on stage.
- You will receive one All Time Low tour t-shirt.

Each bundle is $125 (plus $10 service fee) and gives access for one to the Monitor Party experience. Bundles are not transferable. If the name on the billing address of your purchase does not match  yours, please make sure that at least the email address is you so that we can identify you. Each participate will need their own purchased bundle. No guests. No parental escorts in the Monitor Party without their own bundle.
- if you cannot meet these requirements, please don't purchase a bundle.

For those of you asking 'what the f*&% is a monitor mix'- this is what a band's sound engineer mixes/hears from the stage. It is a perfect mix of audio-instruments and vocals- from the performance that going on on stage. We'll be hooking you up with your own mix as well as an up close and personal view of the show. The intimate Meet & Greet will consist of the 5 bundle purchasers + the band. The tour shirt will be given to you at the show. Details on all will be emailed to purchasers within 48 hours of the tour date.

As bundles go on sale- if the buy now link reads sold out, please refresh the page to see if bundles become available! There may still be inventory tied up in carts that could become available.

To access the Monitor Party Ticketless Bundle:
These bundles will be available through The Hustler Club Ticketing page only. You must be logged into The Hustler Club to access this link. No code needed. This link can only be accessed from this or the shows page.  And the link for the below dates is...

Bundles are offered first come, first serve. There will be a limit of 2 bundles per transaction. If you buy two, we may follow up with you sometime before the tour for the 2nd name.

To be clear- This package does NOT include a ticket to the show. You must have already purchased a ticket to attend this date in order to participate in the Monitor Party.

-This bundle is NOT related to Hustler M&G or EE perks. Those are completely separate and not for sale- lists will be posted at a later date, as promised.
-This bundle is NOT related to the signing that is included in the Future Hearts Ticket + Album bundle. That is a completely separate event that takes place prior to the show and does not interfere with the Monitor Party with takes place during the show.
-If it's not stated in this post, it's likely not accurate.
-Your Hustler account must be and stay active through the tour (and/or forever- click on Update Acct Info at the bottom of this page to renew).
-Once you purchase your bundle, that is your bundle. You cannot exchange for a different date. Please make sure you are purchasing for the correct date before completing your order.

** If you are having difficulty accessing the link, make sure you are allowing cookies.  If that isn't working for you try using another browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc...).  If after all of  that and you still can't get in, please email [email protected].

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