October GK Tour pre-sale dates are now all sold out and names for those dates have been posted on the Events page.

Select November and December dates are still available through THC pre-sale. If you're waiting to purchase tickets... well, don't! Dates along this tour are starting to sell out, get your tickets here while we have them. Please.

If your name is posted for either Meet & Greet or Early Entry on any of the October GK Tour dates, we need you to let us know the names of the Hustlers going in under all of your pre-sale purchased tickets. How you're going to do this is by filling out THIS form. Enter all info as it asks. For email address- use the address that was used when you purchased your tickets. For guest(s)- input the first and last name plus username of the person(s) going in under the extra pre-sale tickets you purchased.

Make sure to read ALL of the details on THIS sign up page BEFORE filling out the form. Do not fill out the form if you purchased only one ticket- we obviously already have your name.

Deadlines to fill out THIS form-
10/15 through 10/19 - we need your names by October 8th, 10am EST.
10/21 through 10/31 - we need your names by October 14th, 10am EST.

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