NZ Album + Signing Bundle Available NOW

Starting now, Hustlers have first access to purchase our Last Young Renegade Album + Signing Bundle for the upcoming NZ date! This is a ticketless bundle that does require you to have purchased a ticket to attend the show.

Each Last Young Renegade Album + Signing Bundle is $30 and includes:
- 1 physical copy of Last Young Renegade (shipped to the mailing address provided at purchase, to be sent in time for release date)
- 1 All Time Low poster, to be distributed upon entering the signing at the venue.
- Access for 1 to a table signing with All Time Low, at the venue, before the show.

* All Time Low Hustler members who purchase the bundle will also gain early access to the venue. Check in for the signing will lbe 3:30pm. Exact instructions will be emailed to purchasers after this promotion ends on Monday 8th May, Midnight NZST.

Each person entering the signing MUST have purchased the album + signing bundle. No bundle = no signing. No exceptions. This goes for parents too. The bundle is not exclusive to membership.

To purchase the Album + Signing Bundle, go HERE.

Bundles are offered first come, first serve.

Hustler Meet & Greet is not included in the bundle. The bundle gives access to the signing. These are separate events. And yes, each person will need to their own bundle in order to attend the signing. No guests are permitted.

-If it's not stated in this post, it's likely not accurate.
-Once you purchase bundles, those are your bundles. You cannot exchange for a different date and names are non-transferrable.
-Meet and Greets offered through The Hustler Club are for Hustlers only. Details regarding Meet & greet signup are posted below this post.

If after reading all of the above, you have an unanswered question, please ask in or check the comments for an answer OR email [email protected]. Please don't send your question more than once it is the same person who sees each and every email. And please only with questions that have not yet been answered.

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