In regards to the Bamboozle Roadshow Project:

Gmail deleted anything and everything you may have sent to Carlie's email ([email protected]) for the project. If you had sent something to her prior to this post, please go into your sent folder, find it and click re-resend!

Please re-send all picture and video submissions to [email protected] by July 19th to be considered to be in the project. If you have any questions please contact Carlie at the above email addy. For some quick facts, project guidelines, etc., go to Carlie's THC Blog!

Do not email The Hustler Club with questions- everything is through Carlie on this!

Again, to our International Hustlers who couldn't be in the states to attend Roadshow and contribute, we have a project coming up for you which will surround ATL's international dates! As soon as Carlie has things sorted out for the BRS project, we'll be back at you with details.

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