Paris Meet & Greet Signup

Signup for Meet & Greet for the following date ONLY will begin at 11:00am CET on February 16th! No signups will be accepted before that. You will have until 11:00pm CET on February 16th to complete the signup form.

If you already have a ticket to attend this show, complete the signup form between 11:00am CET on February 16th and 11:00pm CET on February 16th. There will be no guests permitted. Each Hustler must sign up for themselves. If a guardian is needed to escort, you must note that on your signup. Just please make sure to complete the form before 11:00pm CET on Saturday.

Feb 18 Paris, FR 02 Le Bataclan

Meet & Greet Details:
Access to M&G is exclusively for active members of The Hustler Club. Parents are the ONLY exception, should they need to escort you. There are a limited number of spots available. Hustlers who purchased through pre-sale, for dates where pre-sale was available, will be given priority in qualifying for available spots.

If you are attending the show with other members of The Hustler Club, you may note those members in the guests section of the form. This does not mean we're allowing guests, we're simply letting you let us know which Hustlers (if any) you are going with. All Hustler accounts will need to be active at the time of the show in order to participate in these perks.

We will post names to Events and send instructions once these lists are finalized.

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