Please Read

Hustlers, a little note here just from me.

First just stop, and take a deep breath. Now...

I really need you to actually read everything in the post below, including the rules and what it says about meet & greet as well as early entry. These perks are still in the works. It's not going to be tied to presale. I also really need you to stop emailing to ask for a code. The code will be emailed to you, as stated in the post below. Please. I know everyone is excited but the more time I spend answering questions that are answered below, the longer it's going to be until you get codes.

Also- regarding presales that are on ticketmaster- do not purchase the fan club bundle. the fan club bundle is an actual membership for the hustler club which you already have. you'll want to go under the VIP to purchase.

No matter what you read anywhere, your presale starts at Noon.


THC Admin

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