Roadshow Pre-sale Purchase Updates

Bamboozle Roadshow starts on Friday! Can you believe it's here already? With that, we want to update you on the status of the elements associated with your orders...

M&G/ EE/ Ping Pong Emails- will start to go out tomorrow, to those who qualify, for the first week of shows. We're just finalizing some of the details and verifying memberships. Please make sure any guest coming in under your extra tickets and that you signed up with is a member of The Hustler Club.

Ping Pong Party Posters- For those of you who ordered the Ping Pong Party Scene Bundle, these amazingly awesome (wait 'til you see them) limited and exclusive posters will be picked up at the merch booth on your show date. Details will be in your instructional email when you receive it.

Booty Shorts and Sharpies- the order is being placed today. As soon as these items arrive, we will ship them out to those of you who purchased the Damned If I Don't and Ping Pong Party Scene Bundles.

Renewal Codes- Again, for those of you who purchased the Damned and PPP Scene Bundles, please make sure you are using your codes to renew. Need more details? See post below from 5.06.10. If you've emailed and you're waiting on a response, it's coming!

Ticket arrival- If your tickets are mail and not will call, please remember that tickets are mailed out approximately one week prior to your date. This is typically when we receive them from the venue to mail to you, btw. If at 3 days before your date, you haven't received your tickets, please email [email protected] with your name and ticket confirmation number.

More soon...

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