Thank you!!

Dear Hustlers,

Thank you!!
Thank you for making the Young Renegades touring cycle the most memorable yet! From cities all over the US, to half-way around the world in Australia, Japan, SE Asia, Europe, and the UK, you guys have reminded us again and again why we make music, why we tour, and why we started this band.
Last Young Renegade was an ambitious album for us, with concepts, imagery, and musicality that we'd never really explored in depth before. We wrote this record for the stage, and you guys helped bring it to life with us every night. To show our appreciation, we wanted to put together a live look at one of our favorite songs from LYR, the closing chapter, Afterglow.
Shot in London at the Alexandria Palace, we wanted to capture the energy and the interactions we share from the stage with you guys in the crowd.
Afterglow is a story of us; The kings and queens of the rock n' roll shows, falling in love with the lights, the noise, the sweat, the emotion, and then pouring out into the streets when it's all done, living for the next time we all get to throw down together again. I hope you guys find yourselves in this video, whether you were there at the show that night, or in the faces of those who were, we are all in this together, and it always feels like family to us. Thank you again! See you soon!

Go watch the video here:

Password to access the video is 10yearsofhustlers -- It's your secret to keep until the video goes public tomorrow!


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