Next week marks the start of Year 2 of The Hustler Club! First, we want to say thank you to all of you who helped us kick this off and have been here from day one. Thanks also goes out to each one of you who has become part of our Hustler family each day since. You're all helping make this become what it is today.

So what does Year 2 mean? It means our babies are growing up ;) It also means we're working to make Year 2 bigger and better including Hustler discounts in the ATL merch store (more on that soon). We've got lots more up our sleeves that you're going to want to be here for.

For our original Hustlers, it means that the time is coming to renew your membership. Look down to the bottom of the page. See that "Update Account Info" link? That's where you're gonna want to go, choose the Year 2 option and get to it. OK, so what do you get if you renew? Nothing! j/k, j/k. For starters, you're going to get a brand new shirt- a new, exclusive to second year Hustlers design that's being created as we speak. We're also going to send you the poster that you see down below only it's going to be personalized and autographed just for you. There's going to be a membership card too because we want you to have something more to identify yourself with at Hustler exclusive events. All this for $25 (plus s/h).

Want more? OK. The first 300 Hustlers to renew are going to get the black and white Hustler wristband.

We've also designed a new shirt to replace The original Hustler Club shirt- the one that you guys get when first joining. Check out the picture below. We love this new shirt and we want renewing Hustlers to be able to have it too so- when you renew- you'll notice a second Year 2 product option for $35 (plus s/h). That's the one to choose if you want this shirt on top of everything else mentioned above.

Also remember that to keep taking advantage of your Hustlers perks, you gotta stay an active Hustler- and that means renewing when your time comes. Ok, now that all that's said, don't plan on leaving the party, you're not going anywhere, we're just getting started.

All Time Low and The Hustler Club

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