Thanks to every Hustler who shared their Top 5 ATL Moments/ Memories of 2009. It's awesome to see that The Hustler Club is involved in so many of your memories (cause you're in ours!), along with the GK Tour, Warped Tour, the release of Nothing Personal, funny tweets...

This time, the prize and winning title goes to... allkatielow

Top 5 memories of 2009

1. Meeting Megan (jbkat_ftw3) and Ashley (sup_ashley), the two girls who have legitimately become two of my best friends. Without the Hustler Club, I wouldn't have them in my life.

2. Believers Never Die (May 9, 2009) -- My first Meet and Greet, and I met Cassie, Meghan, Katie and many more. We sat outside for hours in advance just to talk to each other and hang out, and I was ridiculously antsy about the meet and greet, which ended up being amazing.

3. The Myspace Secret Show/ Release of Nothing Personal (July 7, 2009). -- After a long weekend of trying to figure out what the plan was, and what was happening, Megan and Ashley showed up to Joliet mall and stood in line for hours to get our wristbands for the show. I picked them up, and Ashley spent the night. We REFUSED to listen to Nothing Personal until midnight, and listened to it all the way until the time of the show (Noon). we rocked out in the car, got weird looks from people, and didn't care. It was an excellent performance.

4. "Epic Week" -- fellow hustler Ann flew from Washington to Milwaukee, where Megan, Ashley and I greeted her. We spent the night at Ashley's and woke up the next day for Milwaukee Warped Tour where Megan and I had ATL Sidestage thanks to the awesome contest. A surreal feeling, and an amazing performance. That night we drove to my home in Chicago, stayed the night and woke up to attend the 6 flags show with BoysLikeGirls, The Academy Is..., etc. Another night at my home and then early morning to go down to Chicago Warped tour where we were met by hustlers Sarah and Haley (whom had flown in from Massachusetts and Texas) and it felt like we had known them forever. We went to the signing where I had my most embarrassing moment (involving Jack Barakat) and managed to get barricade for the boys' set (with the massive crowd that broke a record). Again-- fantastic show. We followed that day with a hustler day in the city; went to Millenium Park to see the bean, and have a picnic. After a day of relaxing we met up again in Milwaukee for the Cobra Starship show where we got a random meet and greet because Megan was wearing a Nothing Personal shirt, and it was mistaken for a cobra shirt.

5. Holiday hometown show in Baltimore, MD (December 28, 2009) -- flew in once again with megan and ashley, and was greeted at the airport by Sarah who drove us to our hotel where we would be staying with Karissa, Christie, and Laura. In nearby rooms were Jaclyn and Aly and across the street were Emily and Mallory (all hustlers). We spent the day in the innerharbor, had lunch at PF changs, and drove down to DC for the Friday Night Boys show (with guest appearance by Zack Merrick). Woke up the next day to meet on Thames St and South Broadway for a picture, and lunch. Got re-situated and headed to Rams Head for the show. I was lucky enough to have Secret Santa and I gave my gift to Jeff Maker (Lights Director). He loved it :). Only to find out that my secret santa was Alex Gaskarth. My gift showed that he put actual thought into what to get me, and I absolutely love it. We had a lot of time to spend with the boys and hang out, and plenty of time to get to barricade for the show. We had plenty of laughs, and Alex thanked our little barricade group of Hustlers in-particular for being there, which was very cool.

as a side note.. I'd like you to notice that each of these deals with people that I've met through the hustler club. The boys are great, and talented, and kind, but the hustlers are the ones I talk to on a daily basis. The ones who have become my friends. Thank you for keeping this going, and helping this become a possibility. 2009 was truly amazing, and I look forward to what is to come in 2010.

The countdown is on to 2010. First, we want to know your Top 5 All Time Low Moments/ Memories of 2009!

In an email to [email protected] entitled "Year In Review Contest", send us:
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Deadline to submit is January 8, 2010.

One winner will be chosen from the qualifying entries to receive an All Time Low flag used on stage.

Happy New Year Hustler Babies! Go!

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