The Young Renegades US Tour Part II

Happy New Year, Hustlers, and cheers to what we hope is an amazing 2018 for everyone! I owe some of you answers to emails, and pictures from last month’s Meet Up.. and you will get those things.. but in your immediate future.. we give you The Young Renegades US Tour Part II! Hustler Pre-sale begins tomorrow, January 17th at Noon local. Complete details will be posted here later today but in the meantime, here’s a couple little tidbits.. not to be confused with Timbits, which are delicious.

Tomorrow’s Hustler Pre-sale will focus on show tickets. Ticket prices are below. M&G signups will take place. We have not yet set a date for VIP Upgrades to go on sale.

4/06/2018 Ft. Wayne, IN - $27.50
4/07/2018 Peoria, IL - $28.00
4/09/2018 Knoxville, TN - $27.00
4/10/2018 Jacksonville, FL - $26.50
4/11/2018 Columbia, SC - $25.00
4/13/2018 Covington, KY - $29.50
4/15/2018 Sioux Falls, SD - $25.50
4/18/2018 Missoula, MT - $28.50
4/19/2018 Boise, ID - $26.00
4/20/2018 Reno, NV - $28.50
4/21/2018 Chico, CA - $27.50

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