Towson to Minneapolis MSP Dates- M&G and EE Names Posted

Here it is- Towson, Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago and Minneapolis- Usernames of the Hustlers who have been awarded Early Entry or Meet & Greet have been posted to the Events section. The number following each username is the number of spots that person has qualified for. These lists are final and non-negotiable.

A note to all Hustlers who signed up for dates past these posted- If you entered the name of a Hustler who's account is expired in the guest field, that person will be deleted from the signup unless they renew their account before end of day today (Thursday). We're giving you until then before we start verifying names again and posting further lists. As noted, all Hustlers must have active accounts. Same goes for non-hustlers entered as guests. They should sign up or run the risk of being deleted.

And to any Hustlers who have tickets for, whose names are not already listed and who have not had the opportunity to signup for the Minneapolis date (and for this date ONLY)- the first 40 Hustlers to sign up starting right now and before midnight tonight will be awarded Early Entry. THIS IS FOR MINNEAPOLIS ONLY.

New York tomorrow. See you there!

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