UK March Tour Hustler Pre-sale: UPDATED

...Starts Tomorrow, September 22nd! The details- Wednesday September 22nd at 9:00am Local Venue Time, The Hustler Club will have exclusive, first access to tickets for the dates below featuring All Time Low with special guests Yellowcard! And for your Hustler perks... 80 Hustlers, per date, who purchase their ticket via this presale will randomly be awarded either Meet & Greet with the boys OR Early Entry into the venue!

Ticket Details (UPDATED):

Tickets are on a first come, first serve basis. We cannot guarantee that the pre-sale will stay open after public on-sale (it likely won't) so please purchase your tickets while they are yours to purchase! The maximum order for the presale is 4 tickets per Hustler, per show.

To access the pre-sale, please make note of which link your pre-sale date is offered through:

Pre-sale tickets for Leeds and Glasgow must be accessed through this news page with the link below.

March 7 Leeds Academy
March 9 Glasgow Barrowlands

And the link is...

Pre-sale tickets the seven dates below must be accessed through this news page with the link below.

March 3 Nottingham Rock City   
March 4 Birmingham Academy
March 5 Newport Centre
March 6 Liverpool University
March 10 Newcastle Academy  
March 11 Manchester Apollo
March 12 Brixton Academy

The link is...

*** If you are having difficulty accessing the link, make sure you are allowing cookies.  If that isn't working for you try using another browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc...).  If after all of that and you still can't get in, please call +44 207 368 2801 or email [email protected].

Meet & Greet / Early Entry Perk Details (UPDATED):

Access to M&Gs and EE is exclusively for active members of The Hustler Club who purchase their ticket through this pre-sale and is limited to 80 Hustlers per date. Parents are the ONLY exception, should they need to escort you.

Immediately after you purchase your pre-sale ticket(s), complete the sign-up form which is linked here. Fill out this sign-up form completely and correctly. This sign-up form will need to be completed prior to public on-sale (9/24) in order to qualify. Do this regardless of the number of pre-sale tickets you have purchased. Now, if you purchased more than one ticket, note within the form the name of the hustler who will be attending with that perk. If that person is not yet a hustler but is planning to join within the next few weeks, enter their name where asked, we will verify memberships within four weeks of the close of pre-sale. If that person is a parent- make sure to note that! You will also be able to note your preference of Meet & Greet or Early Entry in this form. We will not guarantee that is the perk you will be awarded but we want to know your preference.

If you purchase more than one ticket and you are chosen to receive M&G or EE, the ONLY way that all of your pre-sale tickets qualify for the perk awarded to you is by submitting the name(s) of the active Hustler(s) attending with those tickets. All Hustler accounts will need to be active at the time of the show in order to participate in these perks.

Names of Hustlers chosen to receive Meet & Greet or Early Entry will be posted in the Events section within six weeks of the close of the pre-sale. Specifics and instructions for Meet & Greets and Early Entry will then be emailed approximately one week prior to each show.

First access, exclusive perks-  only here, only for Hustlers.

PS. Please do not email asking about dates that are not yet announced/ listed here. We will post anything further as it may become available.

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