Update: ATL 2014 Hustler Exclusive Ornament

There are just 30 left of Our 2014 Hustler Exclusive Scratch Santa ornament!

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This year’s ornament is available exclusively through the Hustler ticketing page for only $9.95 + $3.99 s/h! Get yours now. Just scroll down to the original ornament post to click through to the purchase page.

This item is limited to 140 pieces (technically 150 but 10 of them are for the band/crew) and will not produced again so get them before they're gone! There will be a limit of 1 per transaction and will be sold exclusively to Hustlers on a first come, first serve basis until inventory is sold out.

To be clear, this has nothing to do with tickets. We're just using the page as a means to make the ornament available to you, our Hustlers.

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