Update: Membership Package Merch Items

To all members waiting on their membership package merch items: Merch items are still in production. Currently, we are scheduled to receive these by the end of next week. As long as they arrive on schedule, we will begin shipping orders the following week. You will receive a shipping notification.

Comments (9)

  1. Grace
    Grace 3 years ago
    Thanks for letting us know!
  2. chevanteexo
    chevanteexo 3 years ago
    thanks for letting us know!!
  3. waticandsav
    waticandsav 3 years ago
    Thank you
  4. SamanthaRyan
    SamanthaRyan 3 years ago
    I haven't received any notifications and I know I ordered the merch package with my renewal.
  5. lost.in.alltimelow
    lost.in.alltimelow 3 years ago
    I didn’t receive an email about it coming BUT it’s come into the uk (it’s with Royal Mail’s service at the moment) and I’ve been charged a £14.23 fee :(
    • Albek80
      Albek80 3 years ago
      I got charged by them aswell had to go on there website to pay
  6. Bryce_KP
    Bryce_KP 3 years ago
    havent received any notifs about the merch as well :(
  7. JagkBarafart
    JagkBarafart 3 years ago
    I haven’t received notifs of merch being shipped :((
    • JagkBarafart
      JagkBarafart 3 years ago
      Has anyone still not received their merch yet/the shipping notification at all? Emails aren't being replied to either.