Updates on Pre-sale Bundle Elements


To all of our Hustlers who have purchased either the Damned or the Ping Pong Bundles- your shorts and sharpies should be in house shortly. As soon as they are, we will be mailing them out to you!

Even after sending out and posting multiple updates on this, we're seeing a lot of questions come in and we want to make sure you're kept in the loop! Remember, we needed to wait until pre-sale dates closed out for us to place the order. You will see all of your stuff soon! Please sit tight.

And if you have yet to use your renewal code from your pre-sale bundle purchase, use it! Please. No need to wait. If you ordered more than one bundle, make sure to pass your extra code(s) onto the people going with you for them to either join or renew. We want to see all of your codes put to use!