Wembley Travel Plans

This is to all of the Hustlers going to Wembley next Friday…

I’d like to know what your travel plans are because, if possible, I’d love to try to arrange a Hustler meet up where we can all grab some food and hang out a bit. This isn’t anything that involves the guys and everyone would probably need to cover themselves as far as cost. So… I created THIS FORM, where you guys can let me know when you’re getting into London (or if you live there), what time of day would work best for you and how best to reach you. If you’re interested, complete it before the end of the weekend. On Monday, I’ll go through the submissions and see if there’s a time that makes sense. Cool?

Sorry to all of you whose hearts dropped because you thought this was the M&G lists being posted. They’ll be up by tomorrow, promise.

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